Turning point

Turning Point is an extension of the Samaritan Project: Emergency Assistance.

During a Samaritan Project visit, clients can receive a voucher to help pay the rent, keep the power on, or perhaps help with a prescription or other unexpected expenses. Aid is given along with resources for job or education opportunities and perhaps advice on budgeting or cost saving measures. Clients receive resources but often no assistance in exploring those opportunities.  This can create fearfulness in clients that have never been able to step outside of what they know (e.g. generational poverty).  It can be difficult for a client who has never experienced stability in their lives to have a clear picture of a financially stable life.  Therefore, clients may not know how to work towards stability, which leaves them stagnant, unable to move out of the continual crisis in which they live. 

Turning Point goes beyond immediate crisis relief and targets clients that show potential for making a longer term commitment to change. Along with financial assistance, the Turning Point Program provides mentors to walk-along-side these clients and help them navigate through the fear and into long-term stability.

To apply for the Turning Point program visit POM during the Samaritan Project, Emergency Assistance hours. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Walk-in only, first come first served.