What makes POM different?

What makes POM different? For more than 20 years POM has followed a strict philosophy of helping people be part of their own solution. It does no good to pay someone's rent when they may be susceptible to eviction the very next month. Without a plan, we would just be throwing our donors' hard earned money out the window. POM's Samaritan Services offers three levels of assistance:

Emergency Assistance: relieves immediate crisis through vouchers (never cash) for rent, utilities & more.

Extended Services: for those who require more in-depth case management.

Turning Point: for those who are ready to commit to a long-term plan to end the cycle of living in crisis.

Every Samaritan Service client fills out an extensive intake form which includes income and expenses, employment (current and former), members of household and more. Then, they go into a confidential interview with our case managers. It is here where a plan is formed. Almost every client leaves with a homework sheet of tasks needed to lift them up out of crisis. They are often asked to complete their "homework" and then come back to formulate next steps. Not everyone comes back right away. A few don't come back at all. But, each one is expected to take part in their own plan. It is in this way that we help people reach sustainability. The homework sheet represents hope! It tells our clients, "There IS a way out! And we will help YOU get there!"