Stolen Identity

"Joe" is a hard working, single, middle aged Dad of two boys. He's always known how to make an honest living and pay his bills on time. A few months ago, Joe's identity was stolen, his accounts hacked and his bank account drained. As he realized what was happening he said, "I was not sure what to do, so I didn't do anything until it was too late." When he finally did try to deal with it, while working extra hours and caring for his boys, things got on top of him and his rent payments fell behind. Joe had never, ever, missed a payment, but now he was so far behind he was in real trouble. A friend referred him to POM. Our case managers listened to his frustration and helped him make a plan. Joe's landlord was very understanding and was willing to participate in the plan. Joe's "bump in the road" will pass as he sorts out the nightmare of restoring his identity, but for now, as he navigates through all the steps necessary, he says he is grateful to have such helpful guidance on his side.