Showers & Laundry

Did you know that POM provides shower and laundry facilities for those who need it? We see many people during our Samaritan Services without the means to shower and clean their clothes. All it takes is a visit with the case managers during Samaritan Services and then schedule an appointment for the shower and laundry.

"John and Scott" usually come in together and consolidate their laundry. They take turns watching each other's bicycles while the other showers. They are kind, quiet and always polite. And, while it may be hard for us to watch them remain homeless, our doors will always be open when and if they decide they want help finding a more permanent solution. But for now, we welcome them with open hearts, knowing they'll find hope and healing just knowing someone cares, someone wants them to be here, someone wants to help in any way we can.

*Shower & Laundry funded in 2010 by a grant from Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation (formerly Enumclaw Regional Healthcare Foundation) Another example of the amazing organizations working together to build a stronger community!!