Caring For Our Seniors

Seniors in Black Diamond and the surrounding areas are finding help from POM's new Senior & Vet Case Manager, in partnership with Black Diamond Community Center.


“John & Jane" have lived in their mobile home for over 30 years. They are seniors living on their social security income. It's not much, but they get by and they love their little home (rented from a nice landlord) and care for it meticulously. But, this spring a tree fell on their roof doing major damage. The owner of the mobile-home and the owner of the mobile-lot could not agree on who should pay for the damages caused by the trees and the repairs on the damaged homes had to wait, and there were still several trees that had been declared a hazard that needed to come down before the next windstorm. Meanwhile the couple's power bills increased due to the damage and suddenly John and Jane found themselves unable to keep up with the bills. They began to feel stressed and overwhelmed not knowing where to turn. John began to lose weight and became ill. Fortunately one of their friends referred them to POM! So, Lisa, our new senior & vet case manager was called in to see if POM could help. She got right to work, helping them with resources which empowered them to advocate for themselves with their landlords. Within TWO days the damage was fixed and the hazardous trees had been removed! Jane had done a wonderful job being confident with her new knowledge and resources. Lisa also helped them access much needed dental care and eye glasses through the Lion's Club! In addition, she helped them apply for and receive accessibility improvements to their home (from King County) to make entry and exit much safer. All of this brought hope back into their lives! Now they know they are not alone. They have a mighty community that cares for them deeply. John has started to eat well again and is gaining back his weight. In the end, the smiles on their faces and the peace in their hearts is how we know God is at work through POM!


We've had a wonderful response from these communities that we haven't been able to reach before. We serve Black Diamond, Ravensdale & the Cumberland areas, but it is not easy for our senior population to make it from there to Enumclaw for services. Thanks to a grant from King County Veterans, Seniors, & Human Services Levy, we are now able to go TO these communities and help our valued seniors with access to programs that help save precious dollars so they can afford to stay in their homes and, at the same time, improve their comfort and health. Things like home weatherization programs, energy saving improvements (eg. hot water heater upgrade), carpet cleaning to relieve allergies. It's these small things that can add up to a more healthful and joy-filled life! It can be difficult for a senior to figure out how to navigate all the necessary steps to find help. We are super excited about this opportunity to find and serve one of our most precious segments of our community.