Project vs. Services:

Project vs. Services:

For more than 20 years our financial crisis relief has been called the "Samaritan Project". You may have noticed we are now calling it Samaritan Services. What gives?

Samaritan has traditionally served those in direct crisis, relieving the burden most immediately facing the client. In 2018 we introduced a new program called “Turning Point”, providing extended financial help and individual mentors to those ready to commit to a longer-term plan. As we served the clients during the pilot program, we recognized the need for a level in between. Thus, we rolled it all together and we now provide 3 levels of “Samaritan Services”:

• Emergency Assistance, to help relieve immediate crisis.

• Extended Services, for those who require more in-depth case management.

• Turning Point, for those who are ready to commit to a long-term plan to end the cycle of living in crisis.

We have seen great progress and success with the new Extended Services and Turning Point! We are excited to see how these programs evolve and can be molded to best serve our community. Stay tuned!