Finding a Safe Place

"Paul and Samantha" are simply trying to find a safe place for their family to start over. They moved here from another state, in hopes of escaping a toxic, dangerous life. Paul had lived and worked in Enumclaw in the past, so he knew this community would be a safe and supportive place for his wife and two children. They knew it wouldn't be easy, but they had to escape; they had to try. They arrived with next to nothing, but they had escaped. Now, the rebuilding of their lives could begin.

When they first came in to POM's Samaritan Services they were hoping for a hotel voucher until they found a more permanent place to live. However, we don't typically issue hotel vouchers as it usually isn't an effective use of our donors' resources. So, our case workers went to work, finding as many other resources as they could.

Both Paul and Samantha already had several job interviews lined up but couldn’t afford to get there. We provided gas vouchers so they could get to their interviews, and because they are both very determined and obviously hard workers, they were both hired quickly. They were able to find appropriate work clothing with a voucher for our thrift store, More Pennies From Heaven. They were connected with one of our partner churches and found a room in the house of one of the congregates until they can save enough to afford a place of their own. Our case workers connected the children with resources at the schools and found clothing and school supplies to get them started. They were also connected with DSHS resources and helped to navigate the mountain of paperwork needed to seek public assistance.

Paul, Samantha and their children are on their way to building the life they were dreaming of. A life where they could go to sleep at night feeling safe; knowing they will wake in the morning in a community that cares, a community that supports each other. We know they will make it and we can’t wait to see where life takes this beautiful family.