Everything Has A Story:

Everything Has A Story: One of the things I love about 2nd hand shopping is thinking about all the history each item has. Each item belonged to someone. Each item has a story. Before I found my treasure in the store, it lived at someone else's house. One day they took it, held it up, maybe turned it around, considered, and decided it was time to pass it along. Take for example, the old manual typewriter. over in the corner. Did it sit in a home office of a novelist in the 50's? Did a college student spend long evening hours madly typing out their essay? And that Bugle in the glass case...was it used to play Taps in honor of a soldier? What about that beautiful old Rocking Chair? Did a mother rock her baby to sleep beside the moonlit window? Those fancy baby shoes, patent leather with small roses decorating the ssides? Did they belong to a toddler helping his older sister walk down the aisle? It's impossible to know for sure, but it is fun tho think about what stories these things could tell. Now, as we browse the shelves of More Pennies From Heaven Thrift Store, we get to begin our own stories with the new-to-us treasures we find! AND, we are beginning that story by helping those in need with our purchases. What stories will you have to tell? https://www.facebook.com/morepenniesfromheaven