A Stronger Community

Together, YOU and POM are Building a Stronger Community

This week I was thinking about what it is that you, POM's supporters, "get" as a return on your investment in POM. Each time you volunteer your time, each time you sign your check, each time you pray for our clients, you are trusting us to deliver. Time and money are precious to most of us. We use our time to work hard to earn money to put food on our own tables and keep the roofs over our own heads. To part with that hard earned time and money is to put trust in the organizations to whom you give.

So, I was wondering, what IS the return for our amazing donors and volunteers? We know our programs help those who are struggling to keep their children's bellies full. We know we help people find hope during hard times. We comfort those who have lost. We listen to those who need to be heard. We know what we do for those who seek us out for services, but what do our supporters get? Then it hit me. It's what we all want in our lives. A strong, vibrant, loving community! Of course!

We all want a place where our children can grow, feel safe, and learn to love our neighbors the same way we do. When I think about the hundreds of people who partner with POM every day to build that vibrant community, I am humbled to the core. Thank you! ALL of you who give from the bottom of your beautiful, generous hearts. Together we ARE building the kind of community where we want to stay for a long, long time! A plateau where every family, every person, thrives in a community of love and support.

Elaine Olson 
Director of Community Engagement
POM Volunteer for 15+ years and Board Member for 10 years