She Simply Wants to Say Thank You!

A recent thank you note from a POM client says it all! It is because of the amazing support of our community that we can do this for those who come to us for help! This thank you is for all of you! Update: After you read the thank you note, read how her story turned out!

"Just to say "thank you" for your compassion, kindness, caring and your support. These last few months that you've helped me, how grateful I am!. ...It touches my heart with how many people you have helped financially and with encouragement, with self confidence! ...I just can't express my gratitude during my difficult time in my life...Your caring support and understanding and help as well as encouragement has directed me to look at life differently. My pain, being scared...just by knowing I can talk to you brings my smile back...your believing in me just brightens my days and has myself believing in ME! Just a note to say "thank you" all - for everything!"

This note came from “Mary”, one of our dear homeless clients. She is a senior citizen who has been struggling to find an affordable home for over 2 years! The waiting list for subsidized housing is LONG, and it takes commitment to stay on it. Often requiring monthly phone calls or frequent check ins to ensure you are still on the list. This past Wednesday Mary found out she’s been accepted into a permanent apartment! She has found a home! No more freezing nights outside. No more having to make appointments to shower and do laundry at POM. She’ll have heat, running water, a working toilet! All things that can easily be taken for granted until one has to live without them! We cannot describe how excited we are to see Mary’s success! We will continue to work with Mary to make sure she thrives in her new home! Like Mary, WE are grateful for the support of our community that allows story’s like Mary’s to end this way.