Turning Point

POM’s Turning Point program is an extension of our emergency financial assistance program. Sometimes people need more than a one time “fix” to attain sustainability. Turning Point helps those who are ready to commit to making the life changes necessary to find stability. The program offers extended financial help as well as an individual case manager that will walk alongside the client and help them navigate through the necessary, and sometimes frightening, steps to make long-lasting change.

“Stephanie”, one of this year’s Turning Point successes, is a strong woman, mother, grandma, daughter, and sister.  When she first came to POM she had just gained custody of her grandson after a very tough custody battle with her adult daughter, who had become addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Stephanie desperately did all that she could to help her daughter into sobriety; she provided financial and emotional support to enroll her daughter in treatment.  However, after treatment her daughter fell back into her old ways, using again and becoming involved in an abusive relationship. At this point, Stephanie feared for the safety of her grandson, and fought for and won custody.

In addition to the custody battle, Stephanie’s mother and sister were both battling cancer at the same time.  Stephanie’s sister was their mother’s only caretaker. Stephanie knew she was her family’s only chance, so she took several months off from work and she and her grandson traveled to the Midwest to care for them.  

Shortly after Stephanie returned home, her daughter came back to her broken, pregnant and homeless.  With her loving heart, she opened her home and took her daughter in.  Soon her daughter’s abusive boyfriend began stalking both Stephanie and her daughter.  Stephanie spent so much time frantically trying to protect her daughter and grandson that she lost her job. After depleting her savings and maxing out her credit cards, Stephanie finally found the courage to come to POM for help. 

Because Stephanie had such drive and commitment to make changes in her life, she was a perfect candidate for Turning Point. She applied and was soon accepted! Stephanie and her case manager met to develop a plan, together.  Stephanie participated in setting achievable goals and action steps for success. She had a new job lined up but it required some schooling.  POM helped her with tuition, books and supplemented some living expenses while she finished her classes. Her case manager also helped Stephanie learn how to set boundaries with her daughter, find a new, secure place to live out of the abuser’s reach, and create a safe and stable home. She gained custody of both grandchildren and set her daughter up with a program for help.

Stephanie had the courage, perseverance and dedication to make the move out of crisis. All she needed was a little bit of help. She and her case manager were able to celebrate the good and walk through the hardships together.  We hear from her occasionally. She is busy working, getting kids to and from daycare and most of all, being happy and safe. She tells us she is grateful for our help and that she could not have made it without the Turning Point program.  We appreciate her gratitude, but remind her that it was her own dedication and strength that made it work.  And, we are grateful for and humbled by the incredible support of neighbors like you that bless the “Stephanies” in our community.