Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Sometimes all a person needs is a hand at the right moment.  It's like the song, "Bridge Over Troubled Water," by Paul Simon. We strive to get people over their troubles. Take Sharon for example.

For 33 years, Sharon had worked with the developmentally disabled. She called it a "good but demanding job." The physical demands had left her with some shoulder and back issues. But then she developed cancer in her leg. "I couldn't work. I could hardly walk," the 61-year-old says.

She applied for Social Security disability. The process took "five or six months." In the interim she fell behind in her rent and received an eviction notice.  It's scary; it is real scary. You don't know where to go or where to turn. I had no food. The power was going to be turned off. It was a desperate time," Sharon remembers.

She used our Plateau Outreach Ministries food bank and then came into POM's Samaritan Project for financial assistance, namely help with her eviction and utilities. We referred her to another agency we work with to get help with the utility bill, and we gave her a rental voucher to stop the eviction. Fortunately - maybe even miraculously- before her next rent payment was due, her Social Security disability check arrived.

"Just getting that initial rent paid, I was able to get back on my feet. POM gave me the boost I needed to make it through," Sharon recalls. POM had bridged the troubled financial waters. But Sharon says we also soothed her mind.

"When you get an eviction notice you are embarrassed and ashamed. POM treated me like I was somebody, like I was important. The voucher was wonderful, but the emotional support was even better. People cared. POM was gracious."

Hearing words like that gladdens the souls of Plateau Outreach Ministries volunteers and staff. But we know that the real thanks go to the churches, civic organization and community members, like you, who support us.

We help others because you help us.